50 Shades of Covid: Device Designed to Curb Virus Sees Surge In Adult Sex Market

PALO ALTO, CA – Tech startup Bonanza Inc has debuted a new Bluetooth bracelet that sends a shock to the user if social distancing guidelines are broken.

“When the user gets within six feet of another person, our bracelet will alert them with a shocking sensation,” CEO Rob Sanders said. “We are proud and excited to offer a product that will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

Users can adjust the strength of shock they receive when a person enters their personal space. “The settings range from a light nudge to ‘holy crap that hurts,'” Sanders added.

The new device is compatible with iPhone and Android. It uses smart phone location services to detect the distance between you and any other smart phone, regardless of whether or not the other person also has the device.

Buzz Off hit the shelves last week and has already sold out at many physical retailers, as well as online at Amazon. But the company was surprised to find a large secondary market within the BDSM community. BDSM is the consensual practice of bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism.

“When I heard there was a bracelet that shocks you when people walk by, I had to try it,” said Brody Myers, owner of Myers Kink and Toy Depot. “After I felt the buzz, I wondered, ‘Hmm where else I could wear this?'”

Myers began marketing the device to his online list of customers and it was a hit. “Buzz Off has added a little extra spice to my marriage,” said Karen Walker, who says she asked her husband to wrap the device around his genitals. “We play a game where I get closer and closer until he does exactly what I tell him.”

Buzz Off retails for $59.99.