AT&T Hires Army of Karens to Deal with Angry Karens Overwhelming Support Lines

Overwhelmed with angry customer complaints, AT&T is fighting fire with fire by only hiring women named Karen to lead customer service roles.

“Every day, we get a dozen or so angry women named Karen raising hell on our support lines for no reason,” said Trent Williams, vice president of customer relations at Apple. “Beginning today, when a Karen calls, she is going to be met with a Karen on the other end. When Karen demands to speak to a manager, that manager will be a Karen.”

Karens are known to be loud, aggressive, and often demand to speak to the person in charge. Apple believes the best way to handle Karen is by hiring an army of Karens to go toe to toe with Karen.

Other companies have followed Apple’s lead, but critics say the experiment could have dire consequences.

“Karens don’t let up,” said Dr. Jake Allen, professor of physiology at John Walker University. “Two Karens arguing has been known to cause micro sized disruptions in the space time continuum. Up until now, this has been a rare occurrence. We don’t yet know what the effects of a room full of Karens arguing with other Karens will have on society.”

Despite the warnings, AT&T and other companies are pushing forward with the experiment. An added bonus for AT&T shareholders is they were able to eliminate their job recruiting department. Every Karen that calls in a complaint is offered a job.