CDC Proposes ‘Insane’ Public Service Announcements to Stop Covid Spread

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will soon debut a series of public service announcements aimed at children, but some say the ads are a bit too crass for our kids.

The four ads contain tips to help children slow the spread of COVID-19, including don’t lick toilet seats and don’t spit in anyone’s mouth.

“Kids need to hear it in plain language,” said Karen Atkins, media director for the CDC. “These ads are giving an important message in the simplest way possible.

But some say the ads will cause more harm than good.

“Tell a kid not to lick a toilet seat and he’s gonna lick a toilet seat,” said Chip Henry of Florida. “My kids do the exact opposite of what they’re told. Spit in someone’s mouth? Thanks. They never would have thought of that one on their own. You people are insane.”

Early versions of the ads appear below.