‘Confederate Leaves’ Removed by Protesters, Wife Stops Nagging

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – Protesters appeared with rakes and large garbage bags at a Sacramento man’s home on Tuesday. When they left, the man’s yard had never looked better.

It all started when Kevin Bower decided he wasn’t going to spend another day getting yelled at by his wife.

“She had been nagging me for weeks to clean up the yard,” Bower said. “I saw on the news some crazy people were removing all those statues, so I got an idea.”

That’s when Bower placed a sign in his yard that read “Confederate Leaves – Do Not Touch.”

Within hours, dozens of kids dressed in black arrived on skateboards. They worked feverishly to remove the leaves. Some were chanting, “This is what democracy looks like,” while others were warning the rest to finish up before the police come.

“The wife is happy, the yard looks great, and I didn’t have to lift a finger,” Bower added. “Those Antifa boys sure missed their calling.”

Before and after pictures of Kevin Bower’s yard.