Democrats More Likely to Think Trump Gave Them Coronavirus

A recent poll indicated Democrats are more likely to think they have been infected by COVID-19 than their Republican counterparts.

The poll, conducted by John Walker University, interviewed 600 likely voters between the ages 32 and 65. Sixty percent of those who identify as Democrats believed they were currently infected with the virus, while less than 1 percent of Republicans believed they were infected at the moment.

Those who believed they currently or previously had the new coronavirus were asked who they thought was to blame. Between the choices of a) another sick person or b) Donald Trump, nearly 100 percent of Democrats chose “Donald Trump,” while all Republicans chose “another sick person.”

Overall, most Americans (92%) believe coronavirus originated in China. Democrats overwhelmingly (82%) believed the virus was naturally occurring, while most Republicans (51%) believe COVID-19 was developed in a lab.