Donald Trump Jr. Given Pass to Hunt Bald Eagles in Alaska

Donald Trump Jr. has been granted a rare license to hunt bald eagles in Alaska.

“This is actually the first time we have allowed this type of hunting permit,” said Kevin Wilens of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “The Trump family has done so much for America, the least we can do is let them kill a bird or two.”

Critics say the move is an insult to our country.

“This is nothing more than a son of the President using his privilege,” says Karen Bean, spokesperson for the Joe Biden campaign. “If anyone deserves the right to kill our national symbol, it’s Joe.”

Alaskan officials have limited the number of bald eagles the Trump family can nab. “Because the bird is endangered, we have limited Don Jr. to just sixteen birds per day,” Wilens added.

The President’s two oldest sons have made headlines in the past for posting pictures from previous hunting expeditions. Both Don Jr. and Eric Trump have been seen posing with dead elephants, zebras, and even a triceratops.