Duke Boys Replace Stars & Bars with Canadian Flag, Rename Car ‘General Leef’

Producers of the new Dukes of Hazzard reboot announced today the show will feature some changes in an effort to be more politically correct, the biggest change being the renaming of the famous General Lee racing car.

“The old General Lee caused a lot of people, including myself, to get physically ill,” said Karen Middlefield, the show’s new executive producer. “Every time I looked at it, I felt a rumbling in my tummy. I just couldn’t be a part of launching a new TV show knowing that it made our audience hurt.”

That’s when Middlefield suggested to other executives they replace the car’s rebel flag rooftop with something less offensive. “Canada, who has ever been offended by Canada,” she asked. The other executives agreed with the suggestion.

“We all got a big laugh out of changing the name from General Lee to General Leef,” she added. “I think the old fans will find it just as delightful.”

Viewers can expect to see the usual cast of characters, including Bo and Luke Duke, Uncle Jessie, and of course Boss Hog. Although young boys anticipating a beautiful lady cousin may be a bit disappointed. Daisy Duke’s character is being replaced by a young gay male. The character will keep the same name.