Famous Mommy Blogger Worn Down by ‘Devil Children’ Amid Covid Lockdown

For over five years, Karen Jacobson has been writing warming stories about her three children at the mommy blog “Unconditional Love,” but the lockdowns have caused a bit of change in heart. Now, the popular website is in danger of closing for good.

“Before the covid lockdowns, my kids spent the majority of the day at school or out with their friends,” Jacobson said. “Ever since the lockdowns, I’ve had to see them all day long and it’s made me realize they aren’t as perfect as I have been telling my fans they are.”

Jacobson is now contemplating whether or not she should continue writing stories about her perfect family life to the more than six thousand visitors who read her blog each day. “It’s just not right to lie,” she added. “I still love my kids, but they had me fooled. I don’t know who these devil children are.”

A typical day used to consist of rushing the kids out the door and then several hours behind the keyboard. Now that schools are closed and social distancing is required, the Jacobson family is cooped up together in a house that seems to shrink by the day.

Alcohol has made things easier. Jacobson says she has never been much of a drinker, but the stay at home orders have given her a new found appreciation for boxed wine. “I just stick a straw in and take sips throughout the day. They have their juiceboxes and I have mine.”

The writer said the real future of her high traffic mommy blog depends on whether or not her kids can learn to leave her alone for “just ten fucking minutes.”