Hollywood Covid: Celebrities Lash Out About Having to Do Things Themselves

Social distancing and lockdown orders have been tough for most Americans, but nobody is being hit harder than Hollywood celebrities.

“People think just because we have multiple homes and money that we have it easy,” said actor and pop star Justin Timberlake, whose net worth is reported at around $250 million. “Our staff says they won’t come back until the crisis is over, so we’re having to feed and dress our son ourselves.”

Jennifer López says she has tried everything to get her help to come back to work. “Money didn’t work, so I offered other incentives, like no disciplinary action when they screw up and, in some cases, even a daily greeting, if I’m able,” the Second Act star said.

Kim Kardashian says she is furious about covid mask regulations. “I can see how it’s not a problem for average people, but my face wasn’t made to be hidden,” the reality TV diva said. “You’d think they would make exceptions for someone who is about to be First Lady.”