Hospital Billing Clerk Plants ‘Hero’ Sign in Front Yard

ATLANTA – A collections office employee has placed a sign in her yard, letting neighbors know she is a hero.

Karen Withers was disappointed when the hospital she works at distributed hero yard signs to doctors, nurses, and other front like employees.

“I’m just as important as they are,” Withers said. “Without me threatening to garnish the wages of our patients, these doctors wouldn’t get paid.”

Withers says this isn’t the first time she’s been left out of the perks that go along with hospital employment. “At first they said I couldn’t wear scrubs, but I fought the board of directors and I won.”

A typical day for Withers consists of calling at least one hundred patients who are delinquent in paying their medical bills. “I’m tough and that’s why I get results,” she said. “Sure, some of them cry, but that just shows how hard I’m working, how hard I’m pushing, how hard I’m heroing.”