Joe Biden Admits Being Racist, But ‘Not As Racist As Trump’

In a rare appearance by Joe Biden, the presidential candidate admitted to being a lifelong racist, but maintains he is still less racist than Trump.

“I’ll measure my racism against his any day of the week,” Biden said during a weekend press conference. “While the President constantly berates entire races of people, I have always focused my bigotry only towards individuals I have had personal contact with.”

Biden’s admission drew applause from reporters, a rare occurrence at candidate briefings.

Fueled by the reaction of the press, the former Vice President stretched the message. “Ya like that, do ya,” Biden added. “I’m a racist. Yup, racist I am, but let me be very clear, I am not as racist as him.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper welcomed the confession, stating on his prime time show, “Americans are tired of the hatred being on public display. With Biden, it seems like this behavior will stay where it should, behind closed doors.”

Cooper’s long time colleague was not as enthusiastic, but still seemed supportive of the Biden announcement. “If given a choice between a big racist and a small racist, I think most people, including myself, will pick the smaller racist,” said CNN anchor Don Lemon. “Let’s call it the lessor of two racists.”