Man Identifies as Woman Who Identifies as Man

Geoffrey Briggs knew from an early age he didn’t feel right in his own skin.

The 27 year old from Pensacola, Florida says he often snuck into his sister’s room to try on her clothing. At night, he would practice walking in his mother’s heels.

During college, Briggs learned about transgenders and that’s when it hit him. Briggs identified as a woman. After graduation, Briggs decided to say goodbye to Geoffrey for good. He spent a weekend shopping for a new wardrobe and Karen Briggs was born.

“Life as Karen started out great,” Briggs said. “For the first time, I felt like me.”

But that feeling didn’t last long. Soon, Karen started feeling something that was all too familiar. She was no longer comfortable in her own skin and found herself sneaking into her male roommates closet to try on his clothes.

“I was taller than the other girls, my voice was deeper, and I was definitely more muscular,” Briggs said. “I started to feel like I did as a child, like I was pretending to be someone I’m not.”

That’s when Briggs decided to transition again. This time, he said goodbye to Karen and hello to Jeff.

Briggs says the change is not a step backwards into the Geoffrey of years ago. “Had I just stopped being trans, I would be stuck with that same old feeling of not feeling like me,” Briggs said. “I am the product of Geoffrey becoming Karen and Karen becoming Jeff.”

Briggs is certain he has found his final gender destination and maintains Jeff is twice the man Geoffrey ever was. He knows he was born to be a man who identifies as a woman who identifies as a man.