New Game: Defend Your Home or Hand Out Water Bottles to Protesters

When a mob of angry protesters appears at your front door, what do you do?

That’s the question video game maker Chaz Inc hopes to answer with it’s release of “Privilege, the Game.”

Players dawn virtual reality glasses and choose whether to be the privileged husband or wife. When the game begins, users are transformed into a world of privilege. The interactive program allows gamers to pick their activities – from directing staff workers to holding dinner parties with other privileged friends.

Then, at some point, a mob of protesters arrives. Players must decide whether to support their cause by handing out water and supplies or defend their home to the death.

This game is not for the faint of heart. Depending on the user’s moves, scenarios can go from watching Netflix in a custom designed home theater to bloody battles that leave dead bodies all over the six acre property.

“Privilege, the Game” is available for iPhone and Android users. The download is free, but offers in-game upsells for necessary items, such as caviar and AR-15 ammunition.