New iPhone App Automatically Determines if Facebook Post is Racist

A California company is helping social media users determine if the content they are consuming is racist.

Woke Limited has debuted an iPhone app that, when initiated, tells the user whether or not the content they are consuming on Facebook or Twitter is appropriate for viewing.

“Racism can be subtle,” co-founder Kevin Williams told a group of invited journalists. “Sometimes, you’re reading something that seems to be about one thing, but there is a hidden message to other racists embedded in the text.”

The 24 year old software developer from Portland, Oregon says his new app, Dog Whistle 3000, is the answer to weeding out bigoted posts.

“The app is voice activated,” he said. “You simply ask out loud, ‘Is this post racist,’ and a message will pop up letting you know the answer.”

Williams demonstrated on several tweets from President Donald Trump. Each post triggered an alert stating, “This post is racist.”

When asked to see what happens when a post is deemed not racist, Williams said the team has not added such an alert, because the software has yet to find content that was not at least somewhat racist.

Dog Whistle 3000 is available for $2.99 in the iPhone App Store.