Obama Furious Trump Pulled Off The Tan Suit

It was a serious time in America. All eyes were on violence in the Ukraine and the continued uprise of ISIS. That is, until then President Barack Obama walked into the White House breifing room wearing a tan suit.

“ISIS is watching,” Representative King said at the time. “If you were the head of ISIS… Would you be afraid that the United States was going to use all its power to crush ISIS? Or would you think here’s a person who’s going to go out and do a few fundraisers over the Labor Day weekend?”

King wasn’t the only critic. GQ magazine called the suit “terrible,” while Esquire deemed the tan suit a “monstrosity.”

With those reviews, it’s no wonder why Obama is so upset that his successor pulled off what he could not.

On Wednesday, Trump strolled across the White House lawn looking dashing in his own custom tailored version of the tan suit.

Dapper, debonair. and distinguished are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Donald Trump by fashion critics and even world leaders.

Obama wasn’t so complimentary.

“It’s not even tan,” tweeted the scorned former President. “Everyone can see it’s more like a puke green.”

President Trump was quick to fire back.

“It looked better on me,” the President tweeted. “Just another example of something I do much better. Deal with it.