Poll Shows Facebook Posts About Working Out Make People Like You Less

A new poll reveals most Americans have a negative view of social media posts that depict any type of physical fitness.

The poll, conducted by John Walker University, showed 72% of Americans believe those posting workout pictures are self conscious, shallow people who are fishing for compliments.

Participants were shown several social media posts relating to health and fitness, then asked to describe their feelings.

Pictures accompanied by motivational verbiage, like “You can do it too” or “Get off the couch,” received the most vile responses.

Results showed men and women equally despise seeing their peers boast about being physically fit, but their reactions differ greatly. Men who see other men showing off their muscles online tend to react by doubling down on their bad habits, while women who see other women striking a pose tend to spend an hour or more crying in the bathroom.

Overall, 97% of Americans said they would like a friend less if that friend were to post anything to do with working out or eating right.