Senate Considers New Law that would Make Karen Jokes a Hate Crime

It’s tough to be a Karen these days. The name Karen, according to pretty much everyone on the Internet, is now associated with the type of woman who constantly complains, asks to speak to the manager, or calls police on neighbors.

A typical Karen is portrayed online as always in someone else’s business and maybe even a tad bit racist.

“These stereotypes hurt real people,” said Karen Stinson, founder of Karen Lives Matter. “If we can’t change the system, we’ll shut-it-down.”

Stinson testified Tuesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is debating the merits of a new bill seeking to make Karen jokes an official hate crime.

“As a Karen, I’ve seen the discrimination first hand,” said Senator Karen Dilby, author of the Karen Protection Act. “When businesses refuse to service people based on their name, something must be done.”

Critics of the bill say it’s just a bunch of Karens acting like Karens.