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2020 is the strangest year EVER!

Can you tell which of these strange 2020 headlines are real and which are made up?

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#1. Pentagon Releases Three UFO Videos Taken by US Navy Pilots

WRONG!  It’s real!  In April 2020, the pentagon verified that previously leaked video footage of UFO’s were authentic.  This actual headline appeared in The Guardian on April 28, 2020.

#2. Florida Man Arrested for Felony Theft of 66 Rolls of Toilet Paper from Hotel

WRONG!  It’s real!  Remember the toilet paper rush of 2020?  This headline actually ran in Newsweek on March 21, 2020.

#3. Man Hires Demolition Company to Demolish Ex Girlfriend's House

WRONG!  Sorry, not real!  We actually took this headline from the old Jerky Boys album.

#4. Fish Survives Four Days in Empty Cooler

WRONG!  Come on!  We learn fish need water when we’re like 3 years old!  Your answer is wrong, wrong, wrong.

#5. Darth Vader Enforces Lockdown in Philippine Village

WRONG!  It’s real!  Local officials in just outside of Manila dressed like Luke Skywalker’s father to enforce coronavirus lockdowns.  This headline ran at Reuters on May 4, 2020.

#6. Trump Sends Air Force One to Paris to Pick Up Custom Made Birthday Cake for Melania

WRONG!  Nope, this never happened, but we did get the inspiration from Britney Spears, who once sent a private jet from LA to New York to get the coffee she liked.

#7. Congress Seeks $4 Million Annually to Fight Murder Hornets

WRONG!  It’s a real headline!  This ran at Bloomberg on May 8, 2020.  Scary!

#8. California Company Debuts Tinder Style App for Dogs

WRONG!  Seriously?  You really thought this was real? Dogs don’t use cell phones.  Dogs can’t swipe.  Do better in life.

#9. Senator Proposes Banning Candy to Prevent Obesity

WRONG!  In today’s world, this one could be true, so we won’t judge you for getting it wrong.

#10. Man Punched an Alligator in the Face to Save His Dog

WRONG!  This one is real… and this guy is a hero!