Town Replaces Police with Billboards of Finger Waiving Moms

A small town in Oregon is optimistic after defunding the police and diverting the money to a series of finger wagging mom billboards.

The Atwell City Council voted to defund and dismantle the police department after one city councilwoman was inspired by what she was seeing on the cable news networks. “Clearly, the cops are the problem,” Karen Jacobs said. “I figured if we remove them, we remove the crime.”

Unfortunately, the move backfired, as a world without police quickly led to an uptick in crime.

“After defunding and abolishing police, we saw a very high increase in break ins and robberies,” said Gregory Barnes, mayor of Atwell. “We had to do something. That’s when we came up with this idea.”

Atwell used tax money, normally reserved for funding police salaries, to begin placing billboards and signs of local moms wagging their fingers throughout the town. Business owners are able to purchase posters of the overseeing moms to hang in their windows.

But the initiative isn’t popular with all residents. Mike Johnson claims his gas station was robbed at gunpoint three times since abolishing the police department. Johnson says, “When I complained to the city, they said it was because I didn’t have enough mom signs on the property.”

Mayor Barnes remains optimistic. “Nobody does anything wrong when a mom is watching,” he said. “Atwell will be the example the world looks to.”