Trump Causes Stink by Touting Importance of Showering

President Donald Trump is under attack for suggesting daily showering as a way to curb the spread of body odor.

The statement came during a White House press briefing after Trump was asked by reporters what steps the administration would be taking to make America smell great again.

“The first thing that comes to mind is showering,” the President said. “If you use soap and rinse it off with water, that should wash away the odor.”

In response to Trump’s statements, several organizations have announced boycotts of the lathery products. “The last thing we want is to have a nation of people misusing soap,” said Karen Feddler, chairman of The Woman for Anything Against Trump organization (TWAAT). “We will never support companies that profit from Trump’s arrogant and ignorant suggestions.”

CNN’s Don Lemon offered a harsh rebuke to the President’s statement. “I want you all to pay close attention to what the President has said,” Lemon warned his prime time audience. “Soap, then rinse. He carelessly suggests to use the soap before getting wet.”

Lemon went on to explain to viewers using soap, without first being wet, is senseless and could lead to widespread misuse. “The President has a responsibility to give the facts, not falsely inform people with his outlandish ways of doing things,” he added. “People will die and this President is to blame.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the use of water before the soap was implied and that there are no known incidences where people have died from misuse of soap. She also urged members of the press pool to follow the showering advice of the President “for obvious reasons.”