Trump Orders Treasury Department to Mint ‘Lucky 7 Dollar Bills’

President Donald Trump has ordered the US Treasury Department to begin minting “lucky seven dollar bills” in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

“I have directed Treasury to begin printing these bills immediately,” Trump said at a briefing in the White House Rose Garden. “I have also signed an executive order declaring luck will fall upon every citizen who spends one of these new bills.”

The move has been met with mixed reactions.

“It’s a genius move,” said Walter Ferguson, professor of economics at Hillsdale College. “Trump is now the first President to allow everyone to be lucky.”

Critics say the order is another example of cultural appropriation.

“You can’t give something away that you never owned,” says Patrick O’Reilly of Boston. “Luck has and always will be with the Irish.”

The distribution of luck will not come at a financial cost to taxpayers, but some analysts fear the influx of good things happening to so many will have a diluting affect, diminishing luck’s actual value.

The Trump administration has yet to clarify exactly how they will distribute the luck or how much luck individuals will receive.