Trump Posts Blank Tweet, Sends America into Tailspin

President Donald Trump posted a blank tweet to Twitter on Monday, sending the country into a frenzy.

“This is by far Trump’s most racist post,” said Dr. Chad Finkle, professor of womens studies at Columbia University. “Everyone can see this is some sort of dog whistle only his followers will understand.”

Joseph Miller, a construction contractor from Pensacola, sees it differently. “This is 4D chess,” Miller said. “It’s clearly a strong message to the deep state and Nancy Pelosi.”

The media was quick to offer their own analysis of Trump’s empty tweet.

USA Today fact checkers declared the blank post as being false, while Fox News published the headline, “Trump shows conservative side by using zero of 140 characters.”

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden responded to Trump’s post by asking, “What kind of message does a blank tweet send to our allies in North Korea and Kentucky?”