‘Vicious Dogs’ Part of New Government Plan to Enforce Face Mask Mandates

The US government has unleashed a canine army to help enforce face mask mandates in areas hit hard by the new coronavirus.

“All I could do was watch and cry,” said Karen Mahoney as she described the attack on her four year old son. “I told Logan over and over to put his mask on, but he didn’t listen.”

Mahoney says she did not interfere with the mauling because she feels this is the best way for her boy to learn to follow orders.

The initiative is a joint project between the CDC and Department of Homeland Security.

“All people had to do with heed the warnings,” said Dr. Anthony Faucci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. “Thousands of people will now die horrible deaths at the hands of vicious dogs, all because they refused to follow simple orders.”

The program is expected to roll out to over one thousand US cities by the end of July.