Woke George Clooney Turns Down Role as Waiter because He’s ‘Not a Waiter’

Actor George Clooney says he has turned down a major role in an upcoming film for fear of cultural misappropriation.

“It was a fantastic part of a waiter who makes a great difference in his community,” the Ocean’s Eleven star said. “But I’m not a waiter and it’s only right that role go to someone who is.”

It is a trend happening throughout Hollywood. Gay roles must be played by gay actors, Mexican roles played by Mexicans, and even waiter roles played by waiters. 

While many in Tinseltown cheer the new woke attitude, some are attempting to shine a light on the problems. 

“Have you ever tried directing a movie that stars a bunch of people who have never acted,” asked director Troy Evers, who is currently in production of 2020: The Year of Covid.  “It’s even worse having to direct sick people. God forbid we use ‘actors’ who aren’t suffering from a disease.”

Despite the problems, a few are fighting for this trend to continue. 

Casting director Karen Simmons says her job has never been easier. “It used be tough to find talented people who are right for specific parts,” Simmons said. “But now it’s much easier.”

Simmons is currently casting a movie about the homeless. “I just walked down the streets of LA with a hundred dollar bill in my hand and the movie is fully casted within an hour.”

Movie critics say they will adjust their threshold when reviewing new woke films. “I saw a wonderful film about dyslexia,” famous film pundit Roger Ebert said. “I had a hard time understanding the plot, but given the larger picture, I gave it two thumbs up.”