Woman With Hot Flashes Barred From Flying, Husband Disappointed She Can’t Leave

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – A Buffalo man is furious he was unable to send his wife away after she was banned from flying.

It started when Karen Palmetto tried to catch a flight to Denver for her mother’s 80th birthday party.  TSA agents stopped Palmetto at the gate, telling her she could not board the plane because she looked feverish.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, TSA has adopted strict guidelines when it comes to allowing passengers to pass through the check-in point.  Not allowing people who appear feverish is one of those guidelines.

But Palmetto says she did not have a fever.  The 59 year old says she was experiencing hot flashes, something common with women her age.

After another failed attempt the following day, TSA detained Ms. Palmetto and told her she has been banned indefinitely from flying.

Palmetto’s husband is furious. “Have you ever lived with a menopausal woman,” asked Jim Palmetto. “This was my chance to send her off for a month. TSA took that from me.”